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University of Richmond Experts Share Research, Knowledge, and Helpful Tips Related to COVID-19 

University of Richmond faculty and staff are available to provide their insight as you continue to cover the COVID-19 pandemic. From mathematical modeling of infectious disease to healthy eating to the economic impact, these experts can add perspective to the news of the day. Contact the media relations team to connect with one of these experts today.


Wu headshot

Eugene Wu, a biology and biochemistry professor, can provide insight on potential anti-virals for COVID-19.

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Infectious Disease

Brinkerhoff headshot

Jory Brinkerhoff, a biology professor, can discuss the spread of disease. 

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Modeling Infection Spread

Caudill headshot

Lester Caudill, professor of mathematics, can provide insight on how math is used to predict disease.

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Social Isolation

Don Forsyth headshot

Don Forsyth, a social psychologist, shares insight on how to mentally manage social isolation.

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Healthy Brains

Lambert headshot

Kelly Lambert, professor of behavioral neuroscience, can discuss how to keep our brains healthy during uncertain times. 

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Healthy Behavior

Nonterah headshot

Camilla Nonterah, a counseling psychologist, can discuss how to manage anxiety and avoid unhealthy behavior during crisis situations. 

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Economic Impacts

Arnold headshot

Tom Arnold, a finance professor, can discuss the economic impacts of COVID-19. 

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Olympics Postponed

Spalding headshot

Andy Spalding, a law professor and chair of the Olympics Compliance Task Force, can provide insights into the decision to postpone the Olympic Games.  

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Judicial Impacts

Sumpter headshot

Carl Tobias, a law professor, can provide insight on how COVID-19 is affecting judicial activity.  

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Remote Teaching

Russell headshot

Heather Russell, a mathematics professor, reflects on what professors should consider while teaching from home. 

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Working from Home

Theran Fisher headshot

Theran Fisher a talent management professional, provides tips on how to be sucessful at working from home. 

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Remote Work Etiquette

Kevin Cruz headshot

Kevin Cruz, a management professor, can provide tips on how to interact with coworkers remotely. 

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Health and Wellness

Lee headshot

Sarah Lee, UR health educator, shares tips for sticking with your exercise routines while social distancing. 

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Datta headshot

Monti Datta, a political science professor, leads mindfulness initiatives on campus. He shares how our mind can a be tool for stress management during uncertain times.

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Emotional Resiliency

Knouse headshotLaura Knouse, a psychology professor and clinical psychologist, shares how focusing on daily tasks can help us through uncertain times.

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Pandemics of the Past

Routt headshot

David Routt, a history professor, can compare today's COVID-19 pandemic with pandemics of the past. 

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Pandemic Literature

Outka headshot

Elizabeth Outka, an English professor, can discuss how past pandemics have shaped cultures for years to come. 

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Post-Apocalyptic Culture

Pelletier headshot

Kevin Pelletier, associate professor of English, can tell us what we might learn from his post-apocalyptic literature class during an international pandemic. 

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Everyday Heroes

Allison headshotScott Allison, a psychology professor and expert on the heroes journey, can discuss how everyday people step up as heroes during a health crisis.

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K-12 Reading Comprehension

Milby headshotTammy Milby, director of reading, can share how parents can practice reading comprehension skills with their children while social distancing.

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Information Security

Sumpter headshotShana Sumpter, director of information security, can provide advice on practicing good cyber hygiene while working remotely and avoiding scams.

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Career Advice

Shelton headshotBecca Shelton, a UR career advisor, shares advice
for those on the hunt for new jobs during COVID-19.

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